When investment turns to donation.


Across town in the Sevco soap opera in the coming fortnight we will see if Chuckles gets to bleed THEM dry with his application for his legal fees to be paid, more details on the level of conspiracy behind the events of 2012 and pay day for all RIFC staff including their new scout.

The constant speculation on how much is left in their wee biskit tin and if they will be able to procure a loan to make the end of the season will pale in insignificance against the weight of perpetual fees for everyone’s favourite fleg waver. Simply “investing” in Sevco will transition to “donating” to Sevco. Whoever is putting money into this financial black hole will not be getting it back.

This is all bar David King, his wealth off the charts now needs to come into play and it will be in these 2 weeks we will see if he is merely the next thousandaire to have duped the peepul. If so he best stay in the Republic as the Orcs are in a frenzied state with pitch forks at the ready for their former heroes.

If he is true to his word about investing 30 million of the 50 million that he said would be needed then there is indeed no crisis. If this was a catch phrase to get the gullible to hand him back the 20 million he lost in Oldco then they are screwed. At no stage could he have foreseen Charles Greens ace up his sleave.

As it stands Sevco are a court ruling from the abyss. If Chuck gets his way then the opportunity to get his money back will dissipate like Sevco’s stock exchange listing. Perpetual fees, think of it, this case will go for years, then it will be appealed. No investment will come from the stands, they have been bled Whyte as it is. The investment culture will die and Sevco will turn into a charity with zombies walking around with buckets at Sports Direct asking for pound coins that not once but twice bought their club and stadium rights.

We are in the popcorn stage at the moment but Jelly and Ice Cream loom. Should King not step up to the plate they will turn on him and it will be left to Real Rangers Men, the same men who watched their club die, the same men who bankrupted a well financed club so they could have control, the same men who haven’t spent a penny in The Rangers Football Club.

Good luck with that.

In the coming fortnight Celtic are active In Europe vs Molde, the League Cup vs the Jambos and in the SPFL against Dundee United and the Dons. Wins in these games would see us in a League Cup Semi Final, a good chance of European progress and a lead that will likely remain in tact in the League. It is time for RD to deliver. These 2 weeks can set up our season.

At Poundland, if these 2 weeks go to script, the deluded will need much more than a magic hat for Halloween.


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