Ground Hog Day: Viral Social Media, Silent MSM


Celtic fans have reacted with understandable disgust to Alan Muir’s “decisions” in Celtics decisive 1-0 away win at Motherwell. This blogger after a few beers and a head full of steam let loose here with Alan Muir: Serial Cheat and I have been far from alone within the Celtic blogging community.

ETIMS want his name added to the dictionary as a cheat but more tangibly want clarification from the SFA over his performance. Video Celts hit the nail on the head with Why there must be no more Alan Muir and Don’t Let it be forgot gave us the ubiquitous Honest Mistakes… yeah I’ve heard of those too.

The Bhoys at CQN asked MUIR THE MERRIER? NO CHANCE and showed the picture I have used for this post. The more you look at it the harder it becomes to fathom. Read Celtic as is there prerogative were far more diplomatic waiting until the slideshow to add a scathing commentary under the heading Referring shambles at the forefront. The Clumpany took time from slating the undead to state that Muir had dropped 3 points, a post eagerly republished by the Bampots.

In the MSM the BBC stated that Delia though we should have won by more. No where in the article is Muir’s name to be found. The Scotsman appraised the situation glancingly but left it to a verbatim interview with Delia and McGhee but with no editorial. Again allowing it to look like its just complaining Celtic fans screaming conspiracy. I am not clicking on the (Boycott the) Daily Record for health reasons, brain cells jump into the abyss like lemmings when I do.

I will leave you with my editorial. This reminds me of April and has brought back the memories and more precisely the pain of a season wasted. Wasted by poor officiating. I dreamt of a treble all last year and believed in it. Many of us did. Upset with the Legia and Maribor debacles sure, but truly gutted after the loss to Caley. I don’t think that I am alone not just in my disgust but in my anger at this Ground Hog Day officiating and the lack of a clear response from the Irish Tories.

It is time to for them to heed the call from the stands and not merely ask, but demand clarification on Muir’s culpability for outright and shameful refereeing. Is there more to this than can be lumped under the terminology of “Honest mistakes?” Have a read through the links of my colleagues in the Independent Celtic Media and you will find the very term itself is given short shrift.

We want answers, we want blood and we want this to be Alan Muir’s last involvement with the famous Glasgow Celtic.


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