Joubert and Muir: A tale of 2 fools


Bad luck to the rugby fans out there, sorry, but I am most certainly not one of you. So you were robbed. Welcome to our world. The MSM again baffles those who have the capacity to think critically constantly and not merely when it suits them. Governing bodies be them FIFA, IRB, UEFA or the SFA seldom act outside their own self interests. To the Loyalist crowd from the Capital I say just think like you did last September, you are too wee and stupid, move aside for someone bigger to take control.

That said, I honest to God have been doing all I can to keep away from this ridiculous sport. The game of the Monarchy is the game of THEM, not me. I won’t speak for us, like what you want, I love Celtic. End of section.

What truly upsets me however is that on one hand we have a sycophant with a whistle desperate to placate his employers from the lodge which barely mentions a word in the press. Meanwhile don’t worry about column inches, more like column miles are being bleated out about how poor wee Scotland was robbed by some South African.

If the blue end of the spectrum gets a kick in the teeth, and by the endless amounts of drivel in my news feed about poor wee Alba, Scotland  wait I mean Balmoral then GTF. We have a week in week out list of assassins with whistles fresh from talking to Number 54 about how this weeks action will go.

Both the Beeb and the Scotsman are continuing to cry for HMRC’s XV and neither have any analysis on the debacle at Fir Park. I hate to bleat on about this but since the MSM will then why not follow their lead. They are calling for heads on one hand and not even publishing the name on the other. In fact if you go to the BBC Scottish Football section there isn’t even a Celtic tab! Under the heading of Motherwell (3 headings for ‘Well!) we see RD ranting on about how more goals could have been scored.

Click on the links, read the analysis, it gets worse. The Loyal Scotsman tells us a load of guff, read this crap with a bottle of bucky close by as the author obviously had his chat with Number 54 as well. Shut up Rankin, see you on the weekend.

But the pish to beat it all came in this paragraph of delusion from Kyle Hutton carrying on like a Tory at a pig farm in a paper that looks more and more like the DR every day.

The 24-year-old spent five years in the Rangers first-team and remained with the club after their demotion to the fourth tier, including last season’s trying campaign where Ally McCoist, Kenny McDowell and then Stuart McCall all failed to lead Rangers back to the top flight.

Ok so he was in a first team for a team in its 4th year of existence for five years. Demotion you say? Sorry Scotsman…


Follow the Huddle. We follow the Celtic.


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