More disappointment, if only we had gone for Garcia


Top the league, 4 in a row, Quarter finals of the league cup… gubbed again in Europe. It should not surprise us when you think of it. We have sold about 40 million pounds of players since beating the Barca and invested well… loaned… or hoped that the Bosman’s and Journeymen would plug the gap and lead us to the summit of European football. Well at least those within the PLC did.

Our performances away in Europe have been a source of frustration all my life. Lets be clear I cant remember pre 9 NRO, we only came back into European Football with Martin O’Neill and well we were drowned in honey in this era. A cup final and Quarter finals albeit in the old UEFA Cup but there was an expectation that Celtic could get through the tie.

Strachan for all his dull football was amazing in Europe. Thank God we brought Mowbray over to spice things up…

Neil Lennon took Celtic to the play off rounds and beat the best of not just a league but an era. The Barca were a phenomena and one whose scalp will hang proudly from the belts of all Greens lucky enough to be alive to witness it. That we parked a fleet of buses to do it is another point.

And now we have RD in charge, whose team left to prepare for this on Monday, don’t complain about the conditions, they were there most the week. It is his native land and whilst Molde have been very impressive this year in Europe they have not been domestically. Tonight was a disaster.

When the Gaffers job became vacant there was one name that truly excited me. That of Oscar Garcia who came through the Barca and was a man who believed in out and out youth. He was working at Brighton and whilst he didn’t have silverware to his name he was the sort of man who would bring our amazing youths through and structure our football in such a way as to win domestically and attack the Europeans.

We brought in someone who strips in front of stands and does push ups when his team beat the drop.

Celtic fans myself included revel at how the other side of the city have wasted an opportunity to promote youth and a style of football that could change the very culture of Scottish football. Of course you cant change the culture of something that has merely begun. But this isn’t a time to point and laugh, unless we are looking at the mirror.

Celtic will not sack RD and shouldn’t either, we don’t need to have THEM in the top league and us with an unsettled squad. But what we have settled on is just that. Our dreams of glory were sold to Soton, our opportunity to invest passed, our opportunity to promote loaned out and our position on the continent is now one where we have to settle… settle for disappointment.

Follow the Huddle, We follow the Celtic.


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