Better to change now than in the summer.


I remember when WBA wanted to buy Kris for a reported £7.5 million. I was horrified, horrified this Super Celt may be sold off like the rest. Not only did he score the goal that briefly resurrected our hopes he also played his heart out for the strip, yet again. A strip I might say is a load of marketing garbage, we play in Hoops.

But that’s another issue. The pressing one is do we maintain the pain?

RD should have won the treble last year I blame Muir, I don’t blame him.

But we should not be regressing in Europe after progressing under our last manager. Sevco had 3 managers last year who couldn’t win a raffle between them with all the tickets in their pockets. Why? Because they had a shit football team and were told everything is ok, look at the teams below. The teams below are not our problem, it is the teams above.

If we are going to have a shot at Europe then we are going to need a completely different playing style to this. We have gone and brought in a “Continental” manager, someone “Outside the Celtic family” a “Left field candidate” but for goodness sake we have been sold a load of lies from the local spiv.

I believe the time is to look to Spain, to look to those who have revolutionised football and regardless of their current position still play the best football, have the most competitive league and the most attractive style, it ticks all the boxes.

If we are to look outside our family, then lets look at a winning one. Next year if they survive we will have the SFA darlings and the Muir squad behind them. We need a coherent system an attacking brand and an ability to find goals against teams of 15 now that their is a 4th official.


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