Lambert or Lennon, but we need a change.

Norwich City v Celtic - Adam Drury Testimonial Match

RD has been given a blessing as the Dons continue to self destruct, in any other league we would be mid table. The time to change is upon us, we should beat Dee Utd today but regardless our club is clueless in development, strategy and European progress. That leaves the obvious question; who then?

On the one hand you me and the Celtic planet love and forever will Henrik but if we are rational his managerial career is no where close to his playing days. Lets give him some more time, he has been booed before at Paradise, I simply couldn’t imagine that happening to A Ghod in the same way as we have been made to deal with this week.

So lets deal with it.

Neill Lennon as we all know understands the game, is not afraid of the West of Scotland and as Unrepentant Fenian Bastard number 1 has no fear of me, you, the MSM or any zombie for that matter.

His record is amazing, his reasons to leave unclear and his record at Wanderers is well… Ronnyesque. Someone who is hoping to keep them up. His record down south may well be pish but his ability in Hoops has been proven well before he took to endless side line bans.

Then there is Lambert. A man who with a limited budget controlling a massive club, one Martin O’Neill called home I might add, managed to beat teams far beyond the bookmakers odds.

Do we go for a tried and proven, or do we roll the dice with a former Skipper of our great club, one who took us to our greatest lengths in my life time anyways and who doesn’t bring the baggage of a Gaffer the SFA sinfully will not allow to win without interference.

Lambo or Lenny? I love them both.

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