Gazza milks the cash cow

An Evening with Paul Gascoigne will take place at Motherwell Concert Hall on Saturday, October 24, 2015.

So where do we begin with the latest headline from the DR. I know, i know! I got bored and wanted to see what cut of lamb was on offer. Well 1000 mindless chumps paid between £39.50 and a whopping 125 quid with photo opportunities included (bring your own flute.) When you think of it he would have easy made 50,000 pounds out of this if 900 were regular price and 100 “VIZ’s” This got me thinking, what percentage of a season ticket would this be?

I googled it and lo and behold up came the Sevco website, with the smell of sulphur I clicked on the link only to find that The Rangers are paying £263 in get this, their 143rd season… must be in dog years.


Now we are ripped off at Celtic, our ticketing structure is an outrage. We should apply the pricing structures of the Bundesliga or Spain which have lets face it, a much higher quality of football for substantially less. These countries of course have larger TV rights deals and here comes the crux of this article, This is Sevco’s only revenue.

The Peepul have been bled Whyte and the Wee Biskit Tin is now a selection of crumbs that wouldn’t keep a pigeon alive. That our Zombie neighbours are charging the same and more than SPL teams is laughable for the quality of football they are watching. A team bulldozing its way through a league it would have won last year if David King and his over investing friends had not knee capped poor Sally after Christmas and sent the club into crisis.

As the off field pressure mounted, the results fell away, gardening became the new Walking Away and it turned out ol Fat Sal did fear the men in Hoops after all. That Sevco are not competing in the top flight is due almost entirely to 3 things:

  • Hearts were credible opposition, something they don’t have this year.
  • King and his Bears derailed the club so they could take control of it.
  • Sally didn’t want to back up 3 years of saying he wasn’t scared of playing Celtic.

Now a season wasted and a Magic hat later, Sevco will plunder their way through this league as they should have last year, that is if they are not forced to sell their players or manager (lucky they held of Liverpool as it was) but could well go out of business first.

I mean who will pay to watch foregone conclusions of football matches at these prices? Sevco are trying to attract the Peepul to the Asbestosdome in sufficient numbers to help them make their monthly wage payments with the latest increment a matter of days away. They have many more of those before August when should they still be trading, they will have an opportunity to again milk the cash cow, their fans.

Gazza came for 10 NRO, he left with a night with the deluded and the sum of 200 season tickets. I hope Sevco like their Tea black, the milk is running dry.

Follow the Huddle. We follow the Celtic.


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