Treble dream on the line, so is Ronny’s job.


Last year Celtic tasted success vs the Jambo’s in both cups racking up 7 goals along the way. Little more should have been expected vs lower league opposition. This year Hearts are in close pursuit of Celtic and a faltering Aberdeen and look the 2nd best team in Scottish football. The game at Tynecastle is a banana skin of unimaginable proportions.

Our “performance” vs Molde was nothing short of pathetic and the social media and Independent Celtic media went ballistic at the lack of spirit and the reaction of Kris Commons. Now Ronny has proven to be somewhat of a diplomat, first getting an apology and then a hug from fans favourite KC when an apology in reverse and a smack in the mouth would have been more deserving.

However, the whitewash of the Molde debacle and indeed that of a Dundee United team looking even more clueless than Celtics transfer policy will come undone if we are not victorious tonight in the Capital. Last year a few things kept me interested once we hit the top of the league and hoisted the spinnaker to the May finish:

  •  Treble
  • Sevco not winning the Championship
  • Laughing at Sevco gardeners
  • Hoping Motherwell and Scott McDonald would keep Sevco down in the play offs

Only 1 of those things has anything to do with the famous Glasgow Celtic. Now the deluded can call me obsessed I seriously couldn’t care less but the facts are the League is boring once we are in front. Winter will mean a variety of injuries to players at clubs with small squads and that will mean our gap will only increase. It happens every year.

If you take the treble away from us at this early stage then this will indeed turn into a winter of discontent for all Celtic fans. A win tonight and we are still in all competitions with a Semi Final in January, 5NRO all but guaranteed and the obligatory “will they, wont they die” side show from far far below in the championship.

Over to you Ronny.

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