You reap what you sow

The Sevco soap opera is now at a level where Eastenders are walking down Coronation Street talking to their Neighbours whilst being Home and Away with the folk from Emmerdale. Where do you begin! Charles Green’s legal clauses, Craig Whytes bankruptcy, Ashley’s “Cease and desist” and “minimum sales clauses” which could close down swathes of Poundland, take the crest of their shirt and then make them pay for the ones they boycotted.

In what universe did this all become a reality? As the deluded will tell you, “Its all about the Rangers” and so may it continue! Hilarity like this doesn’t come along often. I like many am sitting patiently waiting for the latest installment of Star Wars. However I dont think the script writers will have anything as interesting as the guff coming from Govan.

I have however rather glibly and some what shamelessly forgotten about the key figure in the story. Like the SMSM who have forgotten to ask him any serious questions about his level of involvement in the Oldco debacle or his ability to provide liquidity to the Tribute Act.

On twitter yesterday i encountered the original DR article which has all the key quotes of this “Whizzkid” with “wealth of the radar” but the most interesting part for me is that amongst the lamb is a bit of journalism. It says that “despite their failure to strike a deal with Murray – King and his consortium have yet to throw in the towel on their own ambitions.”


Click on the picture to go to the article that started it all.

Now it is here that we take out our sickle and prepare to harvest. Nothing has changed in the Rangers/Sevco timeline since Sir David Murray and his group of thieves (who have convieniently evaded prosecution for the lions share of this treachery) took control and began an amazing trophy run spending twice what we could outlay at a time when Celtic were penniless.

Since then it has been David King who has been trying to take Sir Mintys place at the head of the Edminston Lodge. Along popped this upstart from Motherwell, the SMSM sold us all a lie (Thanks for that, it is a gift that continues to give) then along comes the Newco and he was replaced by Green. Since the big handed flag waver hit the stage its been nothing but the same story of smoke and mirrors. Until the smoke floated away with Sevco’s accounts to France.

This then brings us full circle, to Sir Davids old collegue, David King, a man who should be banned from taking control due to his links with Oldco or his tax evasion or add reason here. Yet again the SMSM have over looked any form of journalistic due diligence and not for the first time appear to have killed their darling. The fault for the death of the team playing out of Ibrox is with the Scottish Main Stream Media: You reap what you sow.

Those who deluded the deludable and continue to do so, bare more responsibility than HMRC, Craig Whyte, any Newco director and Sir David combined. Now the delusion, jingoism and hollow threats have a name when applied to a court room: Perjury. Simply, what has transpired and been fed to us as the truth in the tabloids wont pass for anything other than criminal behaviour before a judge.

Here lays the conundrum for Sevco: precedent, due process, facts, figures and the rule of law care not for what you can write on a bed sheet and pass off as a statement. The horrible truth will be brought out into the open for a simple reason, people have seen their money disappear, not once but twice! The same people who believed the guff of the record in 2011 are the same people who put their money into the IPO. The facts are they will never see their money back.

This financial sinkhole has also been propped up by a SFA with so little accountability that it should be not merely investigated for institutional bias but be audited and overhauled. Are we to believe that the SFA had no idea about the Succulent Lamb culture? That it didn’t or doesn’t send men like Dallas and Muir out to do the Rangers work? The entire institution is a shambles and one which has acted criminally on and off the pitch.

This saga began with a club who didn’t pay its bills or tax, it died. This hurt the peepul too much, the SFA and the media then conspired to assuage the pain of the Institution and pretend it was all ok. They forgot that when 100 million pounds goes missing that questions will be asked. Since then they have colluded in an amazing conspiracy that’s playing out before our eyes now. It started in the papers, it will end in prison.

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