2 down, 2 to go. What if Warbo does a Sally?


At the start of the season my own hopes were for Sevco to lose a minimum of 4 games: 1 in each of the 3 Cups and 1 in the League. That would mean no perfect season and no Cups… Again. The Rangers are now already out of the League Cup and lost to Hibs in the League yesterday meaning that even if Sevco wins every other game in the Championship (they will be lucky to survive so long) then I couldn’t care less. Most of us expect them back, but that said, I thought as much this time last year as well.


Sevco: Cup free since… well forever.

Now St. Mirren is a team with no hope of promotion and at their bus parking best held the Magic Hatted one for 75 minutes at Sports Direct. Those of you who enjoy a bit of Jelly and Ice Cream will remember John Baird’s goal against THEM in extra time last April in the Ramsdens Cup. I must admit I’ve seldom screamed so loud and repetitively since their deaths. It was the pure hate that all of us miss just a wee bit. That said, lets hope they die and start up 3rd Rangers. The Sevco soap opera is too much fun.


Here is a wee reminder from Sevco Memes.

Now good luck to Saint Mirren with that one but should Sevco win that Cup it would break a streak of 10 Cups straight. Should they not win the Petrofac (which was renamed due to sponsorship, unlike the Leagues which were renamed because a team felt so small all the way down there) then will the Magic Hat be called into question? For example, Ronny is under fire from the SMSM for being top the League and in the League Cup Semis. Those 2 facts themselves alarming stats that have prompted the current “crisis” at Paradise.


If it is 11NRO should Warbo get the chop?

For mine the media seems to have failed to set the level of expectation. Sally squandered £67 million that we know of, £10.2 million on the pitch whilst steadfastly declaring they were not afraid of playing Celtic until such time as we popped up on their radar and he went gardening and gave Kenny the shovel. But I digress, when will the media that expects European success from Celtic start to demand a similar level of success from Sevco?  But I imagine we will get the same guff from Govan. Anyways, here is a picture of the last time a Hun got their hands on some silverware and dreamt of a treble.


Journalism at its finest. Pass the mint sauce.

Nuff Said. 2 down 2 to go.

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