A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Rangers didn’t win the European Cup

The haters who are attacking RD funnily enough come from the DR. There is an old Billy No’Well song where the tune goes “My father said, the Gers were done, the day the European Cup was won” Their 10er for yer 5er logic of spending on your Flo’s, Gazzas and the like won them nothing. Hell if they had Tore André’s £12 Million transfer now they would be in a different league, literally.


Go tell all the Huns you know, Their clubs worth less than Tore Andre Flo.

Now it seems that the crux of the DR’s arguement against RD is that if you don’t win in Europe, well, you have failed. Now Oldco never won anything in Europe in the Sir Minty era but they tried to so that is ok. Celtic keep balancing their budget, paying tax and failing to jump through the hoops lined up by the SMSM.

The facts are that the tainted League and Domestic Cup victories of Oldco were celebrated with all the pomp and ceremony of Armed forces day at Poundland. This was largely in an era when we had to rebuild our stadium, pay off our debt and rebuild our squad. Things they have not done.

Obviouslly it was as easy for them then as the league has been for us in the last 4 years but all we hear now is that these victories are not of the same standard, not as important because Rangers died. It is our fault the competition is not up to scratch as they didnt pay their tax. It is our fault crowds are down because the Newco could only get Kilmarnock to agree with being parachuted into the top league. Parachuted from where? Alderon, the Death Star, Mos Eisley? Sorry but this  is about as accurate as the “relegation/demotion” arguement. They started from scratch, end of.

Now the interesting thing about the finances of the Newco is that from what we know (conclusively) they are down £5 million to Ashley, have nothing in the “Wee Biskit Tin” and are about to embark on more so called “Soft loans” presumambly as you would have to be soft in the head to give them one. That is to say that the clock, or rather debt meter starts ticking now and it begins at 5 million Pounds Sterling.

The Newco will from here more than likely acrue that much and more, if we are to listen to THEM they spoke of needing another tranche of £5 million to see it through til seasons end when “Presumambly” monies from the tooth fairy or darth Vader would come swamping in from fans funds or some other guff from Govan. If you look at it critically that probably means a share issue, one they cant logistically arange now.

So again, if it is to be £10 million by the end of the season, add another £5 million for Chuckles legal fees (double that when the appeal comes in either way) and we are provisionally on £15 million + by the seasons end. Then just say they make it through the summer they are down to close to £17 million behind before a ball is kicked in the SPL or Warbo gets his war chest of gold coins filled with chocolate.

The facts are to pay off such expenditure they need to qualify for Europe, not the Europa league, the Champions League. Now this shower of pish may be magical in the lower leagues but they were gubbed at home by St. Johnstone and look to have very little chance of winning the League in their first season with their current untested squad. That would mean another year without Europe and the same expenses minus a bit from the SPL rights deal. Get the picture, even with more season ticket sales they will be down 25 to 30 million of their Majesties Pounds before the end of that season.

Now European monies are paid the year after you earn them. There is rationally no prospect of The Rangers International Football Club cashing a UCL cheque before a hypothetical victory in 2017/18 meaning no payment til 2019 whereby they will be down 40 million pounds (conservative estimate.) Has anyone told the numpties at the record or those looking to invest in another share issue this? Lets be clear this is not a loss making operation as some would call it, it is a financial black hole, where money goes in and what happens to it is largely theoretical after that. Invest in Sevco? IT’S A TRAP!


Admiral Ackbar hates imperialists too.

RD is going to cop some flack in the coming weeks, I truly hope we get out of our group but the task is huge. We have sold our best and bought inferior players. We collectively have the expectation of the Lennon years after he had gone through his learning curve and molded a team he largely kept together. This blogger is taking his foot off RD’s throat, In what league are you in a Cup Semi top the league and having people calling for your neck. What happneded in Norway was upsetting, but as RD said, we are a selling club, the challenges are huge the expectations high with a press constantly wanting us to fail.

It is time we got behind our man and once again heard the Ronny Roar. We are all Ronny Deila.

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