Cheque, Mate? Ashley has the King in sight.

Have you ever heard of any financial entity, club or company, which holds a vote on whether they will repay a loan? Any company being able to throw its debts off in the range of 130 million pounds and start from scratch, with all its assets intact? That the courts are going through the latter is of no surprise. It is the former though where things will get interesting in the immediate future. Ashley knows full well he has Sevco by the balls. He has merely bided his time and given them enough rope.


Check Mate. Ashley has the King where he wants him.

That rope has now come to its end. They have no legal ability to abscond from debt, the media believes since its Sevco they can negotiate this way. Ashley knows full well that legally they can’t. It is in the courts that these things will be heard, if Sevco believe they have a leg to stand on, a leg they clearly do not have.

This is a very select trap that he is springing. Ashley has waited til they are not just out of money, but as earlier reported by John James and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, are coming to him for the 2nd tranche. The pure hide of them! Sevco wont pay their 5 million pound debt, then attack him through their minions on high horses in the media before going cap in hand for 5 million more! That he wont even field their calls is a magic bit of politics. Let their desperation build. There is nothing like a stonewall poker face to unsettle all the other players.

So they had money for the bills this time round, what about next month. What will happen in the coming month has become clearer with relation to so called “soft loans.” Simply, the Real Rangers Men will dip into their boundless supplies of Sterling and loan Rangers enough to make the wage bill. That will then presumably get them to a point where their “preferred option” of another cash grab from the deluded, which is known as a share issue from reputable companies.

This cash grab is simply due to the money then evaporates and those who “invested” it get nothing, not even a stock listing let alone accounts. The reason there will be a soft loan given is due to the fact the rich want their money back. The rank and file at Sevco will put their money into erroneous contracts out of love for their team. Now I hate their team, but I feel a little sorry for these punters. Sold more lies than Sally’s been sold pies. They will keep the club afloat with worthless stock as it is stock that wont be listed. It simply cant, no one will touch them.


Whyte goes to court, its happening again, why not investigate now?

At some stage, you have to think that the constabulary must take an interest in the yet to be released accounts of The Rangers International Football Club, we have seen it all play out before our eyes in 2012. Now its happening again and the same spivs, glib and shameless, are stealing from the same Peepul. Whilst a sycophantic press swoons at Magic Hats and victories over amateurs and semi professionals it seems the only people asking for accountability let alone accounts are Celtic fans. This criminal behaviour is tolerated at only 1 club on earth, some luck we have with them being across our City.

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