EBT was fraud. Sir Minty must stand trial.


Never gets boring to see this picture. Rangers as they were being sold to a spiv for a quid. But the facts are that Sir David Murray is the man who has escaped the media, until now. The EBT scheme was his baby, it was what drove his fantasy of deluded grandeur and Her Majesties Revenue Commission just needs to get paid. That is to say that the issues that the financial issues the Newco is now facing are nothing compared to the elephant in the room.

Sir David Murray carried out a course of theft that not only depleted Scottish football of a fair playing ground it also stole from the very people who loved his team. Not only loved but worked for, delivered for, fed, watered and housed this institution. Sir David has been found out today in the courts as the King of all Spivs and his name which has been a glaring omission from the court proceedings must be added post haste. These proceedings have taken former Newco saviour Green and Oldco Hero Whyte to court on charges that will consume the majority of their days should they be found guilty.

Simply the game is up on Sir Minty, his tener for our fiver was always a strange concept. Now with David King as an Oldco director we must ask the SFA to disbar him from being a director. Or we just let him stay and rort the people of yet more money. The current state reflects the old state and the old state envisages the future. Oldco didn’t die today, but its history of tainted titles actually came to life.

With these years proven as fraudulent, I believe that hiring another Lord Nimmo would lead to revolution in the stands and so it should. It is time to take this to the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) and to have an independent ruling made on the Clumpany idea floated by the deluded, the level of compensation to be paid to those who have been robbed and if the titles of Oldco should stand, if they should be reappropriated or if they should be annulled. Certainly a hearing and a motion on if they are the same club should be provided to us independently as well.

They are thieves, when a thief is caught they have their ill gotten gains confiscated. Time for some pay back.

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