Right, lets get stripping.

The time to be bullish is upon us, not only in the Celtic media but in the stands. If the Irish Tories will not ask for the titles to be stripped then fine, we should mount our case to FIFA in the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS.) This action should not merely be undertaken by Celtic fans, we should form an alliance with all the other clubs such as Dundee, Falkirk, Motherwell, Queen of the South and Ayr United who lost Cup finals to Oldco. These clubs and their fans deserve compensation at the very least, as does Celtic.


Being cheated of a title is one thing, the financial flow on effects have been devastating, think of all the Champions League money we would have made? Literally tens of millions of Their Majesties pounds. We should not only claim compensation for the titles but also for the monies that would have been availed to Celtic FC plc. Quite simply, our investors are not idiots pouring their money down the drain. In any other case the shareholders would be due compensation.

This doesn’t take into account the hypothetical ability of the plc to have earned even higher dividends through larger sponsorship deals which would have freed more money to buy better players. This in turn would have won more trophies and we would likely have gone deeper in Europe, this earning more money. If we do not strip THEM of their titles then it is a sad reflection on the game of Association Football itself. For this reason the Lodgers at the SFA should not be able to employ a judge to slap their wrist and come out with a contrived finding. This must go to the CAS.


Minus 5 would have you at 49?

When Juventus were found guilty of paying referees in 2005 and 2006 they were relegated, given a points penalty, fined and stripped of their two tainted titles. Now if this were just about dodgy refs then well the stripping will have to go back several centuries. But lets stay on task. If we are to maintain European and World precedent the titles must be stripped. This must be done by those from independent positions OUTSIDE of Scotland. This of course means that they have now provisionally won 49 titles. Time to shoot some stars.


Here is some “Misleading information” click the link if you dare.

Now lets examine a sub text. The Rangers issued a statement whereby they distanced themselves from the entities and even quoting Gary Hooper calling them… Them. They went on to say that RFC was in liquidation and a different “Entity.” What it didn’t say was that Dave King was a director at this time and therefore it DOES affect Them as he must now immediately be disqualified through the Fit and proper person procedures. If in fact any of them are applicable to Rangers or any other entities claiming to be Them. In summary:

  • Strip them of their titles, Straight to the CAS there is simply no other option. If the club wont do it lets start a fund!
  • Compensation is due, maybe we knock down Ibrox and put some flats up then split the money with the other clubs who deserve compensation.
  • Sevco admit to being a different entity. Same old club myth is finished. End of.
  • There is a liability and it starts with David Cunningham King being banned from owning or administering a football club in Scotland.
  • Buy shares in Jelly and Ice cream as shelves are being emptied throughout the land!

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3 thoughts on “Right, lets get stripping.

  1. Iv been saying this since they were liquidated that ALL fans should join together and take the case to UEFA/FIFA and get this mob sorted once and for all, the name should be removed from all records id be willing to pay into any fund.


    1. I couldnt agree with you more. I believe that if the SFA try and sweep this under the rug that the club WONT complain. However i believe the fans will. believe me this blog will be pushing the line that we hire a silk and take this to the CAS!


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