The loan Bhoy fae Mordor

Scott Allan is a Hun. Ok we got that out of the way, now lets talk about his future In Hoops. Not since Derek Riordan came over (also from Hibs) have we seen such a special talent bought to make sure the other side doesn’t get to buy and utilise him. Now I was personally disgusted by Strachan’s tactics on this one and I was not one of his haters who never forgave our trouncing by Artmedia Bratislava.


Wasted Bhoy Derek Riordan cost just £150,000 after scoring goals for fun at Easter Road.

Now Scott Allan has reportedly taken a few knocks but he has also reported to have been a stand out with the juniors last week. This much can be said of Tom Rogic also, who was bought by Lennon but never really used. Every report of the Aussie was that he was taking the piss with the youths and should be promoted. Add a few knocks a couple of 10 minute spells without a goal as a substitute and he became the forgotten Bhoy.


Rogic is finally at home in Hoops.

Now Rogic has been in fantastic form this year, his injuries settled and his football free flowing. It is great to see this 22 year old start to find his role within the team and our club. Now Scott Allan is in the same boat, taking the piss with the youths, his crocks sorted and at a “Crisis club” which obviously needs some fresh legs if we believe the DR and friends. With a glut of games between now and Christmas he should be utilised as soon as possible.


Get him on the pitch Ronny!

Lets get our new Bhoy stripped in Hoops running onto Paradise to provide some rest for our midfielders. Lets give him the opportunity to be the next Dalglish. A Celtic hero that they forever rued not signing when they had the opportunity. If we really want to upset the Shame and also use our squad the best we can then this is route one! Route two is a loan move in January and as we have done with Christie it should be where he will fit back in to the structure. Give him 5 months at Hibs and while we are at it, send a few more.

For example I believe Efe Ambrose would look good for Hibs, no wait we want them winning the League. But seriously, why not pack a few of our lads off to Leith. Help them make a league of it and hopefully get back up. I mean haven’t you heard it is for the good of the game that the big teams are in the topflight. Edinburgh doesn’t have a derby after all. Whilst we are at it lets play this Bhoy into some form and get him showing his Hibernian form for the famous Glasgow Celtic.

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4 thoughts on “The loan Bhoy fae Mordor

  1. Totally agree with the last paragraph.

    There’s already a big Glasgow derby in the top flight, what with Thistle showing how sustainable expenditure can lead to 139 years history without becoming history. Dundee has their derby and with big Mixu hopefully instilling a bit of dig, it’ll remain for at least another season.

    But Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh needs a strong derby and with Hearts showing those northern upstarts how it’s done, it’s clearly to the benefit of all in Scottish football that Hibs come up.

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  2. Time 4 us 2 get back 2 attacking football 2 strikers overlapping full BKS creative midfielder & 2 hard central defenders someone wi pace 2 get 2 byline making chances 4 strikers

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