Not in my Poppy’s name


Association is a matter of choice, otherwise it is fascism.

Like many Celtic fans i am (an extremely bad) Roman Catholic. I am also descended of both Irish (paternal) and English (maternal) stock and my mums side are Protestants. Both my Grandfathers fought in World War II in the fight against fascism. My Protestant Grandpa died when i was just 5, God rest him, My Catholic Grandpa lived until i was 28 but never spoke of the War until i was 25. I never knew he served until my Nana died and he opened up.

He never marched, he never displayed his medals, he never told me what to think or whom to obey. He never spoke of the War, as quite frankly, it f**ked him up. When he did finally open up he spoke of times he killed men, times his friends died, of the three times he was wounded and how he was ultimately discharged, a physically broken man. He never smiled, never gloated or expressed any triumphalism when he told me about his war record.

I sat transfixed by his stories, i was always scared of my Pop. He was the lunatic of the family, a proper Paddy. I remember once when he was sick in hospital he complained he hadn’t had communion for 2 weeks and we got a priest sent to his bed with a host to keep him from walking out the front door the following Saturday barefoot in a gown! Stubborn as the night was dark.

People who demand we all wear a poppy are a disgrace and disrespect my Grandfathers and what they fought for. We are taught let alone told that they fought and died so we could make decisions of association. We are taught let alone told that without them we would live under dictatorship and be persecuted by a German leader who couldn’t be voted out and that we would believe in eugenic policies which would prefer one culture over another. Thank God we won huh?


Knuckledraggers have no idea what honouring the dead means.

The very people who demand that i wear a poppy are one and the same who were down at George Square Sieg heiling the referendum failure. One and the same who are apologists for the Queens Sieg Heils with her sister and Nazi father. They are one and the same who post potato memes on Celtic facebook pages who march behind banners of no Popery or who sing the famine song. They are fascists in every expression of the word.


This is what they fought for?

My Poppy fought for freedoms that the Poppy itself doesn’t universally represent. I will however honour his memory, by not wearing a Poppy. I believe the reason he was wounded 3 times in battle against fascists alongside friends who suffered worse was that i have the freedom to make that decision. Now i miss my Pop, i loved him and forever will, he was a hero to me, not for his war deeds but as a man who was unwavering in his every belief.

If you wear a Poppy tomorrow then do it with pride for you have that right, if you do not then stand with pride for you have that right too. Anyone who says anything different you show them this blog. Get it posted to their wall, let them sneer at me as much as they want. You can demand that everyone should wear a poppy all you want, but not in my Poppy’s name.

God Bless you Pop YNWA

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4 thoughts on “Not in my Poppy’s name

      1. Yes they blame the bloggers when public opinion is not going there way bampottery is growing all over scotland and the theme in every article and comment is strip them bear hail hail mate keep the articles coming we are close to replacing sevco with a tesco lol !

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