Sink us and we’ll sink who?


Neil Doncaster and the other shepherds within the Lodge that Oldco built must sorely miss the succulent lamb years. With “Sporting Integrity” and “Sporting Advantage” the trending terms of the day, just how much did they know about the affairs that have led to the greatest swindle in the history of modern sport. If that sounds far fetched, post a bigger one in the comments.

That this was able to go on unabated in an era where the sycophantic succulent lamb mainstream press lauded every triumph, referees uncharacteristically made honest mistake after honest mistake if Rangers (IL) were somehow knocked out before a dubious penalty could be awarded. All of this points to a conspiracy of such epic proportions that I would suggest, we are merely at the tip of the ice berg. Enter the Titanic.

Now HMS Sevco as she has been branded by Phil “he got it right you all got it wrong so stop calling him sectarian like we give a rats arse” Mac Giolla Bhain, steamed head long into this. On every level of the Sevco sitcom we have seen not just arbitrary denial but we have seen systemic denial. Every level from the Daily Record to the SFA, SPFL, Oldco, Sevco you name it has in in unison denied and denied until revelations have shown their denials to be lies.


Was hired by the SFA and was not a serving Judge at the time.

In an era of judges not employed by them, with jail terms at their discretion, there is little wonder why. With Messrs Green and Whyte at the mercy of a truthful Mr Black we have seen the game changer that many Celtic fans have been saying for years. They are cheats, the system is against us, this is not a matter of coincidence, it is a pattern of deceit. At this stage the pattern is in the law courts and the “Lord” overseeing the proceedings is not on the books of those being investigated. Far from it, the Lords and HMRC are not seeking to slap Oldco on the wrist, they are looking at taking them to the cleaners.

Many have mused that this is a test case for there are bigger fish to be fried south of Hadrian’s. Good. lets hope they set a precedent that shakes the Chelskis and Man City’s to their core. I unlike many refuse to support a team in England. I never have and never will. If spontaneous combustion becomes a sport I will cheer for the English, til then I cant bring myself to cheer for those who sing Rule Britannia and don’t give me all this guff about Liverpool and Manchester and special relationships I pure cant stand any of them.

Now the precedent that will be set has far reaching ramifications which could include Chelsea having a Champions League taken off them if they are found to have used this scheme, something that is widely rumoured. I believe this is the reason that the press is so forgiving of this deceit, as Pandora’s box is about to be ripped open and re write not just Scottish history, but British and then European. As I alluded to, this is merely the tip of the ice berg. For this reason those establishment figures within the Main Stream Media are scrambling to exclude any rational approach to a culture of cheating.


Unrelated to every other aspect of the SFA and its culture of cheating?

I remember 2003, I slept between the UEFA Cup and the game vs Kilmarnock, I slept by taking a couple of valium and drinking a 4 pack. Upon waking I repeated the dose for 3 days. I simply couldn’t deal with it. That weekend we lost the League on Goal Difference. Are you to tell me that there was no “Sporting Advantage” gained in such a tight season? If so then let me first remind you that your club is dead and you are called Sevco. Get off my page Knuckle dragger! Anyone else of rational means understands that we lost by failing to cheat. We failed to get dodgy linesman in the League Cup Semi either. But that’s another matter… or is it?

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