Friday the 13th and it’s the Zombies who are scared.

Yesterday we saw on Phil’s blog a timeline of Tweets. If you can read between the lines they show Charles Green through his counsel, under threat of perjury for lying, detailing how Sevco bought the assets of a liquidated entity. The counsel for RIFC kept brining up the Lord Nimmo Smith findings, which as have earlier been detailed, were contrived. The LNS findings were paid for by the SFA, there was no legal clout behind the findings and the fine still hasn’t been paid by either Rangers.


Sevco Scotland owner and all round Spiv Charles Green. 

It is little wonder that the zombies want this thrown out of court. Now you can search the SMSM and you will not find reference to any of these tweets let alone analysis. In the DR for instance there is talk of Warbo being better than Ronny and even King on title stripping but oddly nothing about Sevco, whose name yesterday appeared before Lord Doherty. Here are some tender offerings from the court. For the verbatim transcript follow @jamesdoleman


This point was debated over the hippie existentialist theory of “What is a club” and after having read it I am no clearer. In fact it appears that clubs transcend ownership. You try make sense of it.


This it would appear was when Rangers (IL) died and Duff and Phelps began selling what they could for as much as they could… er… well that’s what usually happens. We will have to wait for another court case to find out the true answers from that.


Oh the joy of it! So “IF” Chuckles is guilty that could mean that Sevco (as earlier stated in court documents no less as the owners of what some call “Rangers”)  would now be open to the liquidation of its assets. Funny, I thought when you rip a nation off and die your assets would be used to pay those back in the first place? Oh wait Duff and Phelps are in court soon about that.


As earlier alluded to Rene Descartes famously mused “I think therefore I am” Chuck waved a fleg and cried out WATP and therefore they are a club. So here we see the Sevcobabble continuing to a level where it is the clubs assets which were bought whilst the club was not purchased.


Then the admission, “It’s all about the Sevco!” Drink it in Tims, drink it up and order the whole bar a round. Sevco bought assets, sevco hired a gaffer, Sevco sold tickets and that’s the business Sevco were in.


The elephant in the room, well, I am sorry but the aforesaid animal is well known for its long memory. I promise you this, we will not forget the day that Sevco’s former owner was in court for legal fees for massive fraud not just of the current entities fans and investors but from the liquidators of the Oldco. It is those unsecured creditors who may watch proceedings most keenly.

If Green, Whyte, Duff and Phelps are proven to have broken the law, the sale of the assets is proven to have been fraudulent, then brick by brick, their castle of shame will come crashing down around them. No different to the 3 years of lies which are being shredded before our eyes.

The day is coming fast. HH

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