Guilt without consequences


First and foremost, #PrayforParis. Secondly pray for common sense and coherence in the SMSM as everything else has failed. We have seen a truly stupid piece of “journalism” come from the Daily Record. It has explained by a “source close to the situation at Hampden”…. now wait a minute. Is this a cleaner, electrician or a painter? Who is this source close to the “situation” at Hampden? This is how the SFA or SPFL or whoever else release data? I smell shite.


Peter Lawwell “waded” into the controversy saying he was “surprised”, I am surprised he waded in. Kudos Pedro 🙂

Now this source has quoted a movie in “Double Jeopardy” saying that you cant be re trialled for something you have been found guilty of. No one is actually saying that there needs to be another trial. We are saying there never was a trial, it was an “Independent Commission” now for clarification, it was Independent of the Courts and of a serving Lord as well. It was Independently set up by the SPL as they were then known. There will be no “retrial” as there has not been a trial.


Octobers print run was its lowest ever. This wouldn’t be encouraging sensationalism would it? Boycott the Record!

Now lets continue through this infuriating garbage. The Independent Commission which did in fact find Oldco Rangers (IL) guilty had then set about handing down a fine of “£250,000 on Oldco” which the Newco had agreed to pay along with any footballing debts. Debts I might add like that of Jelavic to Rapid Wien were paid penny in the pound, CVA’s the Oldco itself didn’t receive from HMRC.

This the DR continues is also before the courts “The matter is expected to be resolved in a number of weeks but if Rangers lose, it will cost the club £400,000 when legal fees have been added.” Now here is the kicker: They cant be tried again as they have already been found guilty and are now reneging on an agreement to pay the fine as it should go to the bankrupt entity and not the Newco which doesn’t exist as they are still the same old Rangers. Get off the special brew you numpties!


“Celtic Park on Match Day” Did yer man Derek take this picture as part of his narrative on what’s best for fitba?

It then reassures the people that in the corridors of Hampden, such an institution synonymous with legality, they understand the truth and that all legal action is itself futile: “But irrespective of the outcome, it is the view in Hampden’s corridors of power that no titles can be or will be at risk.” So move along, nothing to see, lets build a happy future, enough suffering, WATP.


Don’t let a green tree die to print a blue lie. Don’t buy the Daily Record!

Only in Scotland and only with THEM can such a world of deluded fantasy pass off as media. A land where its papers argue for its readership to bow to foreigners, campaign against their own Independence, cover up the institutionalisation of lies AND theft and replace it with a dogma of listen to what the convicted tax cheat says about the tax cheating clubs trophy room that that particular tax cheat was a serving board member of. Guilt without consequence, merely perpetuates the cycle.

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