Punishment and consequence are not the same.


If you were to jump off the London Stock Exchange and break your neck whilst landing on many more below, your injury was a consequence of your stupidity or inability to understand your actions. Now if you some how were brought to life and then charged with trespass and assault then could you go before the court and say I knew what I was doing but I have been punished enough for my own stupidity?

What of the others also injured by your recklessness? It is a point worth pondering as the repetitive dialogue out of Ibrox is that for all their crimes they paid the ultimate price: “Demotion.” They didn’t lose history, their club didn’t die and they certainly are not starting from scratch. They were triple relegated after coming 2nd in the League after blowing an unassailable lead if we are to believe old Niki.

Felix Baumgartner

We jumped, we are the victim.

The facts are, any other person or financial entity would be either imprisoned or wound up so quickly they would be spinning. How on earth this litigation has taken this long to come before the law Lords is anyone’s guess. That said, lets give the respective Lords and the prosecutors their time over this. They have taken their time, one would hope in getting water tight convictions, and they had better. The very idea of legal due process in Scotland is hidden in a forest of corruption which is obscuring common sense itself.

The medias reaction to the word “Surprise” which was posted on Celtics website with relation to the LNS Independent Commission has surprised many of us. Firstly Celtic must be getting bored of all our emails (so keep on sending them!) and secondly for all our loathing of the “Irish Tories” there may just be a wee bit of consensus between the terrace and the board room. Celtic are playing it diplomatically yet as is the case with diplomacy they are ticking all boxes. One of those boxes immediately before the clubs AGM later this week is an increasingly frustrated supporter base baying for blood.

I for one hope that Rangers (IL) go for another bight at the Supreme Court. This toxic rabble will bleat on about two won cases vs a lost case and LNS til the end of time. Take it before the Supreme Court, lose there and keep your tarnished name in front of the media for all the time it happens. Lets be clear, the difference between the last judgements and this is that they have lost and the appeals process onus is on them. Between now and further notice they are GUILTY.

Let us prepare for title stripping in good time and let it fill the news columns and turn away their sponsors. Turn away their prospective player targets, let it remain in our minds and hearts and at the forefront of the media, social, Sevco or otherwise. Let us hear their threats and their nonsense and lets take our time over this. Until they come to terms with their sins they cannot be forgiven for them. You cannot be pardoned for your sins without first repenting. It is the nature of the sacrament.

They have caused immeasurable pain to the game I love let alone the team I would die for. Their sins are manifest and they don’t even believe they have done anything wrong. I bring it back to the original analogy of a fool jumping off the LSE, throwing 134 million pounds up in the air, wiping out the destinies of others and destroying himself in the process. Is this the same man who should dictate his own lack of punishment? The punishment hasn’t even yet to begin, the inquisition in 6 separate Courts of Session will decide upon that. You are as guilty as sin, your attempts to fly have created this mess and you shall pay for your deeds with silver.

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