Stubbs double blow. Fighting thieves on both sides of the sideline



Former £4 million record signing for Celtic Alan Stubbs knows all about the uneven playing field. He was brought in to stop the 10 in a row and whilst conceding the 9th, he stood firm with Wim Jansen’s heroes and secured our history. Now he is making a name for himself with Hibernian FC and again there is a familiar foe outspending the greens that he is leading.

This time of course it is a Newco as Rangers (IL) are dead and only fools don’t know this. Similarly, only fools don’t know that they are spending more money than they are making. Now Stubbsy didn’t play in the EBT era, as far as we now know anyway. His career in Hoops between 1996 and 2001 was cut short by cancer, something luckily that he defeated. But this awful disease wasn’t the only hardship he endured.

Stubbs came to stop the 10 in a row.

In the era of Gazza and other such famed players who we are told didn’t come for the tax free money but for the love of Rangers, he played on an unbalanced playing field. Now Hibees bless them are fiscally a model club, with a biskit tin so firmly shut that a crow bar cannae get a penny out of it. They simply do not buy what they can not afford.

Mark Warburton responded in a common fashion for a manager out of Ibrox, through the DR. He took exception to Stubbs assertion that the Zombies are spending 4 times more than Hibs. In truth this actually means that they are also spending at least double what they can afford. For all the talk of financial fair play the club out of Govan makes a mockery of the very concept.


Stubbsy at the death sends Paradise into raptures.

Now Alan Stubbs is an ever improving gaffer and a man himself wrapped in Celtic folklore. His injury time goal vs the Oldco kept us 4 points from them instead of 7 points adrift. It is time that the famous Glasgow Celtic evened up the playing field in the championship and gave Stubbsy a few players on loan.

One who should be loaned out is Scott Allan. If after Tom Rogic’s injury on international duty doesn’t find a way into the Celtic midfield then he simply never will. Lets get this lad playing and send out Anthony Stokes and Callum McGregor who cant get a run in Hoops and while your at it give them Derk Boerrigter!

Hibernian Football Club doesn’t buy players they cant afford, but Celtic has a bloated squad and enough is enough from these tax dodging bastards now buying a league with someone else’s money. That someone is Mike Ashley at this stage, who pays for them til years end is anyone’s guess.

With all the talk of a boycott of the League Cup final, why not send a different message to the Newco. While we are at it a message to THEM and all of Scottish football that as we said in 2012, we are a club with a business plan independent of any other football club. If they come up for the very first time then so be it, but lets make it hard for them and make it fair for our man Stubbs.

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2 thoughts on “Stubbs double blow. Fighting thieves on both sides of the sideline

  1. Toril: Del og bruk, jeg synes selvsagt det er finfint! k: Ja, uttrykket fungerer Ã¥lreit, ikke sant? Æsj ja, Myrdal er dessverre vanskelig Ã¥ glemme, selv om man gjerne skulle gjort det. Jeg husker at vi lagde en lokal, liten &qkaj;Folueokstonen mot Arne Myrdal" pÃ¥ vgs da han herjet som verst. Det kostet 10 øre Ã¥ melde seg inn. 🙂


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