Oh my God! They re-signed Kenny!

Kenny “3rd spell at Rangers” Miller has re-signed until 2017 and will continue on at the “club” for another year. Now before I “invert” every other sentence or add an* lets be clear about all the latest anti Irish guff due to Scotland’s failure to qualify and at the same time appraise the assertions of certain pundits and their “visions” for planet fitba.

Scotland is not in the European Championships because quite simply the clubs that have money to spend developing the game do not. Celtic is guilty as sin with relation to this. We develop more players for other teams by stacking our own starting XI’s with over priced foreigners than any other in Scotland. I remember once when Jackie Mac was the only Celt to hold down a starting berth a decade or more ago so this is not a new phenomena.


More Scottish times than now.

When Gordon Strachan was the manager of Celtic he bought widely in Scotland and with the exception of poor Derek Riordan utilised his men well. Such Scots as Paul Telfer, Mark Wilson, Adam Virgo, Gary Caldwell, Paul Hartley, Kenny “2nd of 3 Glasgow teams he has played for” Miller, Steven Pressley, Derek Riordan, Scott Brown and Barry Robson came into a team which already had Scottish players like Stephen Pearson, David Marshall and Shaun Maloney.

We are simply not utilising our squad, we are not investing in Scots. Instead we bring in defenders from Manchester clubs on loan deals whilst holding our lads back. This said, we are no where near as bad as the Newco who continue to make signings for next year when they don’t have money for this months wage bill. In their glory era they bought only the best and developed few.

If you want to blame the ills of the Scottish game on anyone then blame it on every manager in Scottish football who doesn’t have the faith in Scottish youth. Strachan did and does. Get behind the national gaffer, don’t complain that Eire have qualified. Gordon Strachan for all his critics can only do so much with what he has got.

Lets get the youth playing. The Isle of Mann is not England by the way.

Now I don’t often read anything of note in the DR but this piece about Andy Robertson being at Celtic from 15 onwards and being overlooked resonates. Now I know they are only conducting interviews like this to piss us off, but it should piss us off! We have been miles ahead in the youth league for a decade. How many have we blooded? Young Tierney has come into the first team and not before time. Hopefully he doesn’t end up the next Callum McGregor and find himself looking for a minutes football once a month in the first team.

Celtic's Robson challenges Hamilton's McCarthy during their soccer match in Hamilton

Opportunity lost.

When you look at the debacle of our cheap offer for James McCarthy who is now worth 10 million pounds more than what we were offered him at you see that Celtic do not really rate Scottish talent, we let it become Irish as was the case with McGeady. It is no wonder they changed their allegiance.  Why was Ryan Gauld left to be picked up by the Portugese? Why didn’t we sign Johnny Russell when he was scoring goals for fun? If they were not Scottish you can bet we would have gone in for them.

These two should both be in Hoops.

The facts are if a player is Scottish then they are perceived as cheap, we can starve the club out for them as no one else wants Scottish players. This is proving a disastrous approach to recruitment, retention and promotion. Efe Ambrose scored a goal playing for Nigeria yesterday. That’s cute, I thought his job was to keep them out? How much longer will players we don’t need take up the places of players we just don’t need, but Scotland badly need as well.

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