The Whyte Wavetower in the room



Get in Craig Whyte ye wee dancer! The gift that keeps on giving has filed an action before the court of session which will finally end the club company myth and lay Sevco’s truths bare. Now as I count them, this is the 8th case running concurrently but lets be clear, this is the BIG ONE. Craig Whyte of course bought Rangers for a pound using a company called Wavetower. Wavetower then changed its name to Rangers FC group, the clumpany that would ultimately kill them.

This clumpany is now claiming 6 million pounds from the liquidators of RFC 2012 plc (Oldco) and wait for it… Craig Whyte himself is claiming that he holds control of the assets, also known as Rangers. The DR wrote all of a paragraph on it, their fear is palpable.  If this claim is found to be true then the stadium Bomber played for and Murray Park are the possessions of no one else than Craig “007” Whyte. This would mean that quite simply the current entity which has been playing at Ibrox would owe him some rent money on top of what they have paid to keep the lights on.

But that’s small fry. If it is proven that Agent Whyte does in fact own the assets of the Oldco, then the very existence of Sevco will come into question as an illegal entity. He is banned a s company director, something King soon will be. We have already seen in court last week that Charles Green (who is also on charges of his own and with Craig Whyte over the acquisition of Rangers) stating through his lawyer that Sevco are not Rangers. The tribute act doesn’t have enough money to see out the year, if it loses this case it may not be allowed to play at all.


Show us ra deeds. Bomber was years ahead of even Phil or the Clumpers on this one.

Which leaves the enduring question: Who are Rangers? The answer is that they are a “Club” that is dead, they are in the liquidators being ripped to pieces and fought over for scrap, they no longer have a football team. They’re assets are contested by spivs and are falling apart at the seems. Charles Greens desire for the Newco to pay his bills has received a massive shot in the arm with this too. How can Lord Doherty deny him given the convoluted nature of this case? Without financial help he is doomed.


Now not in the papers but in a court room we are going to find out who owns “Rangers” the crest, the ground, the rights to it all. Importantly we will find out who owns the history if such a thing is a rational question. These assets we have already been told before a practicing Lord under the threat of perjury, were divisible and not tied to the club. On the 28th of July 2012 Sevco played their first game against Brechin, on the 31st of July they unanimously changed their name from Sevco Scotland Ltd to The Rangers FC and magically the same old rangers were born.

What is your favourite design for the renovations to the stadium Whytey owns?

Now in the court of session we will find out the answer once and for all. Their spiv empire of shadiness and cheating is dying before our eyes. This time when the owners are settled, they will be able to pay off some of the their debts by selling the said assets. Something that should of happened in 2012. They can sell the asbestos plagued stadium to Rangers Supporters Trust or a heroic “Thousandaire” or they can sell it to someone who will make a quid out of it. Tesco comes to mind.

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