The Sevco cycle


Do you remember when Fat Sally led the Oldco and the title “was in the bag?” I Do, how did things go for that particular club playing out of Ibrox? Do you remember when Sally was being touted to win the “Treble at Paradise” I do. Do you remember how that ended?  Do you remember how Sally was “taking Rangers up” this year? I do, how did that end up. Do you remember when Mark Warburton had a magic hat and the gulf had been bridged? Yeah I remember that clanger as well.

Do you remember when Sevco bought Dads Army with General Elbows as the leader? Do you remember a club that in its first 2 years spent 67 million pounds Sterling but only 10.2 million on the pitch? Do you remember every single transfer window being told how many “Stars” would be brought in. How many this January Warbo?

Do you remember a cash cow that’s milked its support dry having an IPO, a new share issue, a soft loan or 2 and a spiv as CEO? If you don’t remember the others then don’t worry nothing has changed. They are still run by the same faceless and soulless types that they thought were represented by Laxey. In truth it has been the men in the papers who have sold them up the river.


The cycle of Sevco is perpetuating on and off the field and we must now look to the future and predict another year for Sevco down there. The key features in the cycle which will keep them down are. A team from the Capital that will see the year out with a young team and proactive ethos on and off the pitch. Hearts did them last year and Hibs will do them this year.

Financial worries WILL as they DID have an impact on the first team. Who is paying the wages for these players in less than a week? Not 1 column inch has been written about it. Yet pay day comes closer and the crisis continues. Listen to them and its all happy days. Facts are an awful thing when you live a lie, they fundamentally dismember your entire existence.


When The Rangers International Football Club the Clumpany that owns The Rangers Football Club is placed in administration in the coming weeks I will be interested to see only 1 thing. Will Sevco ask for a 15 point penalty or accept 25 to continue the same club myth? It is getting cold out there, but I still have an appetite for Jelly and Ice Cream.

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