No Windass for them




Windass couldn’t leave the high life of Accrington for Ibrox.

Aberdeen Football Clubs former battling forward Dean Windass has a lad called Josh who plays for Accrington Stanley. Never heard of them? Yeah me neither, but like Sevco they are a team from the 4th tier with ambitions off the radar. This team from Lancashire who are just down the road from Bury, a team Sevco threatened to buy and replace in 2012. If you remember, they would have left planet fitba unless LNS did what they said. By coincidence Bury this weekend play the only other team on earth who have the word Sevco in their name: Scunthorphe.


These Scunts look like they have a bottle of bucky handy.

Now why am I talking about 4th tier teams from England? Well it just so happens that managers from these parts don’t sell to wee ditty teams like Sevco. Sevco it seems will have to either develop their own players or hope,  as he says he will that Kenny can play til he is 40. Now all this fantastic news also broke on a day we find utter nonsense as our daily diet so lets eat up.

Celtic to play Dundee in the States. If this is to be a reality then we surely have to have the league all but sewn up. Last weeks match vs Kilmarnock who have 4 wins and 4 draws beside their 7 losses have taken 4 points off the champions. Taking teams lightly is not a luxury we have nor is flying our players across the Atlantic in the Winter to return to play. If we want the treble then we should be rubbishing such talk.

I have no issue with a game being say round 1 next year in Boston or NY when it is summer time and pitches are not frozen and rehabilitation is not hard. We take preseason tours over there all the time. But within a season this shows disrespect to the format and the gaffer. We have enough issues. Lets chase the treble!


Warbo rings Liverpool to see if the Klopp wants to Swap.

Further more we see that Mike Ashley has won an order preventing them from banning him to vote. How on earth a team going broke takes a loan that saves them and then complains and wants their saviour banned is beyond me. However, for the first time in a while Sevco won something. The other 2 proposals will go up for voting, if passed they will allow the soft loans to be converted to shares which will mean big Mike will either:

  • have his shareholding diluted to 6%.
  • have to trade off some of his debts for worthless shares to maintain his equity.
  • sell his shares and call in his debt.

If he does the last the last of them, there are rumours of a “4th Bear” in the Rangers Supporters trust, this wee bear could have owned the club and paid its debts off twice over if it hadn’t spent all its money on comic book heroes in the first place.

All the while, the Newco cant tempt sons of players who were never tempted to play for them.

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