BDO appeal gives fitba time to ponder consequences

Many people will be upset that BDO are appealing the “Big Tax Case” as we were a matter of days from a conclusive end to this saga. However, this is the best possible scenario for those of us who wish to see justice applied to the titles of the Oldco. Quite simply if there is one thing that maintains in Scottish football it is corruption and Rangers*.

This will now likely drag on for another year, the difference is that there is quite rightly a presumption of guilt hanging over the Oldco, the onus is on them to clear their name. As well as this the Supreme Court in London is as far away from the West of Scotland as is possible, both in terms of geography and its thinking. Their fear mongering wont work there.

A cold and rational decision will be made by English Lords not given to reading the DR or Shark Jump. With this precedent, HMRC will be able to leverage similar hearings on many of the Southern Clubs and businesses who have been using this tax avoiding scheme. It is unlikely they will do Rangers (IL) any favours because they play in blue. There is too much potential revenue at stake.

In the mean time Scotland and its fans must ponder aloud what the sanctions are to be for the Oldco and its trophy room. Are titles to be re awarded or annulled? I would favour the second option, if we are awarded those trophies we will never get to experience the feeling of winning our 50th League triumph and then humbly turn down the opportunity to award ourselves 4 additional stars to the 1 we won in Lisbon.

Stay of execution for Sir Minty. The deluded standing idly by.

But they cant keep those trophies, it is fanciful to think that they didn’t have any sporting advantage and their titles must be annulled. They didn’t win them fairly. On top of this the ultimate sanction must be brought to bare on the club playing out of Govan, an apology to Scottish Football.

Only Rangers* can rort the system so systematically, get caught, blow of their debt, blame everyone else and talk of the consequences of their criminal behaviour as enough punishment. If Rangers* were a man who had committed these offences he would be imprisoned for decades.


This is not a Celtic/Rangers* issue. All of Fitba wants justice.

Let us be happy that they are appealing so that we can prepare the tar and feathers that Scottish football as a whole can then apply. This is not a Celtic/Rangers* issue, this is an issue of justice and until we see an adequate sanction and hear an apology, there will be no “moving along.”

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