On the day that it all started falling down

The Daily Mail isn’t renowned for its amazing journalism but Adrian Durham’s latest piece is amongst the most ridiculous text ever printed. Lets just examine his anecdote about a man who is compared to Celtic yearning for Rangers*. He leaves his wife who he couldn’t “see the good in” and ends up a jilted and pitied man (article below) It should have read.

I heard a story of a man who had married a whore who was stealing from him and all around. One day she got her comeuppance and died. He then got yelled at by her family who then claimed that her overdose was his fault. He tried to carry on with his own life but was endlessly haunted by her ghost.


A load of tosh by Adrian Durham.

In what parallel universe does Adrian Durham live in and what are his motives for writing this piece of garbage? I believe it is more smoke and mirrors from an institution that is crumbling like Ibrox itself. Let us return to a world of fact over fiction:

  • Their AGM was an abject failure, they can clap and cheer all they want nothing was achieved other than hollow cheering. The claim of being debt free is a lie, the scheme to convert debt to equity has failed, Big Mike is getting paid and has no need to drop his legal action. *Queue clapping anyway*
  • Their stadium is literally falling to pieces and the repair bill will run into the millions. If a safety inspector did the rounds swathes of Poundland would be closed and this would lead to more lost revenue.*Queue clapping anyway*
  • Contempt of court charges are very glib for the shameless. King will be in Prison before Christmas if he is as many believe guilty as charged. *Queue clapping anyway*
  • The 3 Bears are not well funded, they have put up the majority of their funds as is and without King (and his mystery money that no one has ever seen) they are as shaky as the Ibrox façade. *Queue clapping anyway*
  • They need at least 2.5 million Pounds Sterling to see out the season and are speaking in hollow terms of bringing in players in January to keep Warburton interested. Fulham (not Liverpool) have popped up on the radar to make a bid for the Ibrox gaffer as he is proving a seasoned campaigner with lower league teams. *Queue clapping anyway*
  • The leave to appeal which BDO have lodged will take this particular form of Rangers* to the Supreme Court in London. Here at the home of HMRC they will find that their club is not respected, loved or needed. The special treatment, the succulent lamb and the screaming hordes baying for vengeance over circumstance will be absent from proceedings. *Queue clapping anyway*
  • The fine that the Newco accepted it would pay of a mere 250,000 Pounds will soon be out of the courts and onto the table of King and his Bears. This time with court costs estimated at taking the sum to 400,000 Quid.*Queue clapping anyway*
  • Whyte wants his stadium back and is in the Court of session arguing for it. If he is successful the entire omnishambles is up for grabs. With the facilities taken Sevco could be ground sharing with Queens Park in the new year. *Queue clapping anyway*

Sevco have so many issues that the only way they can delude themselves even more is to enlist fools like Adrian Durham. Their well observed and pitiful Lamb Corp of seasoned writers who have been trying to outdo Jabba since even he jumped ship are becoming nauseating. The facts are that the old club died due to its own malpractice. The facts are the new club is dying due to its own malpractice.

The idea that Rangers or Sevco have been punished is premature, Rangers killed themselves, that’s not punishment, it’s a consequence of their own action. Punishment is an action initiated by an arbitrator (Court of session for example) due to an illegal action (Tax avoiding or contempt of Court for example). This can then lead to sanctions such as a prison term or title stripping. It will be at this stage they will be punished.

The Newco is in the Championship because it couldn’t get up last year, that’s not punishment, its what happens when you have gardeners for gaffers. At no time has Celtic had anything to do with either the calls to “demote” the Newco nor to strip the Oldco’s tainted titles. Celtic has kept out of the affairs of the Oldco and this once Associate Member of the SFA, small teams with no history are not its concern. From Celtic fans, well if it were up to us there would be a Tesco where Sevco now play.

*Queue clapping anyway*

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5 thoughts on “On the day that it all started falling down

  1. I wish one, just one, mainstream commentator would ask the question if Sevco get promoted: what will Sevco actually bring to the top table?

    Seriously. What would they bring? What can they bring? A cursory look at how much money the deed club burned through (and therefore needed) is somewhat telling with regards an indicator of what not to expect.

    Their last decade of audited accounts showed accumulated losses of £140m. What an astonishing amount of money, not just to spend, but to spend more than you’ve earned.

    In that time, the dead club sold almost anything they could to prop up their ailing finances – deals were struck with ENIC, NTL, JJB and Dave King that would bring in a further £110m or thereabouts. HBoS, via the MIH money pit, provided additional capital (included in the £140m loss, but mitigated vast sums of debt interest).

    All of this money would be used in conjunction with various and nefarious tax schemes in order to trawl in even more money, with vast rewards being reaped in terms of Champions League prize and TV money as well as the associated increases in sponsorship as companies would vie with one another to be linked with a club competing in Europe’s premier club competition (not the Petrofac Training Cup).

    The old club was a basket case all right, but it was a massively financed basket case with access to a literal blank cheque book.

    It would be no exaggeration to posit that the tribute act would be underfunded in comparison tot he old club by around £25m-30m.


    This new club has no such thing.
    No cosy deal with a bank.
    No media deals.
    No Bahamas-based money trader willing to stake £40m to earn back £7m.
    No holding group to provide tens of millions of debt/equity swaps.
    No tax dodging South African with an ability to invest more than other people’s money (ouch, mkI)
    No merchandising sell-off deals (ouch, mkII).
    No Champions League cash.

    The new club will need to make do with what they can earn, which won’t be much more than what they earn now (perhaps a few million). And they still need to repair their capital stock.

    Good luck to Dave when the orcs start ‘deserving better’.

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    1. What utter shite , deluded doesn’t even begin to describe this post !
      You are more obsessed than the Daily Mail columnist states…
      Your own chairman has stated on numerous occasions how much worse off Celtic are without the old firm derby but its all good keep your tin foil hat on – i just hope you get the medical assistance you need 🙂


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