Media darling is Level6PR

“Rangers or Madrid or Man United or Barca,” these words were all said in a sentence in that order by Warbo in the DR yesterday as Warbo responded to the possibility of a REAL crisis at Ibrox. Clearly collapsing stadium, half a dozen court cases and no money to make the pay roll are not REAL crisis’s they are more of the make believe crisis’s which appear in the abode of the Bampot. Fulham calling on the other hand…

“It’s not about being at Rangers or Madrid or Man United or Barca, it’s just inappropriate.” – Mark Warburton

A REAL crisis would be if one of their players tweeted discontent or if Sevco didn’t perform well in Europe. Or maybe if Keith Jackson would compile a list of Warbo’s achievments with reference to the St. Johnstone game, hell heads would roll at the DR if that was to happen.


With league 15 games under his belt, Warburton sits at the top of the table with a bloated points return from 13 wins, a draw and only one defeat. – Keith Jackson

But Warbo knife and fork in hand and seated at the head of the table carefully sliced into the lamb corps assertion that Fulham had come knocking. The Magic Hat bristled at the suggestion that there was a need for him to be coerced to stay with a pay rise and a War Chest in January. He struggled against the tide of thought that he was heading home.

This media savvy was something we were used to from Sally, Warbo has now started his own version of Jabbavision. His daily press conferences convey to the deluded that everything is fine, don’t listen to Timothy. The questions could not be more contrived and the stories themselves are basically made up from either Paddy Power offering odds, as is the case here, or a slow news day and a new gaffer is needed at Liverpool as was the last instance.Screen-Shot-2015-12-02-at-200505

Poor ol Warbo wants to stay at Rangers, why wont the media leave him alone.

I can promise you from now until seasons end Warbo will be systematically linked with every managerial post in England. If there is a sacking Warbo will be asked if he will take the job. It is the same old story, ask questions you know the answer to, create something from nothing and at the end Warbo stays and his honour, character and integrity for all things Rangers* is revitalised to the collective cheer of the Peepul.

The other possibility is that the lamb corp are trying to sell him for Sevco. 2.5 million pounds should be the buy out one would think. Either way this smoke and mirrors garbage is well known to Celtic fans, the SMSM is a Sevco fanzine which either covers up their misdeeds or creates crisis across town and 12 positions above them.

The trip to Turkey holds no favours for us, even if we win they will write it up as too little too late. The poisoned pens of Sevco lie in wait for any pain coming our way. You can bet they will maximise any pain we go through. Conversely as contempt trials begin for King, the “Get on with it for everyone’s good” ethic will prevail. I am predicting a concerted smear campaign on Big Mike and Sports Direct.

Whatever the case, Jabba’s ghost haunts Scottish football.

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