Lock him up

Dave King is no stranger to the inside of a court room, nor is he a stranger for the charge of Contempt of Court. He was charged, found guilty and levied a suspended sentence in his native South Africa. The John James site has the verbatim transcript and I will share what he indeed has highlighted:

4.3 The respondent is committed to prison for a period of 3 months imprisonment suspended for 3 years on condition that the respondent is not found in contempt of court during the period of suspension.

Now by all means pop over and read the lot, you will find that this 3 month suspended sentence was imposed on the 22nd of February 2013, not even 18 months ago. This glib and shameless liar should have been imprisoned then, hell he is a tax cheater and well renowned spiv keen to take kudos but wary on overinvesting. How he scraped in as a person of integrity with the SFA we will never know.

Now the facts are this man is a repeat offender, he will argue if found guilty that he was in fact in a separate jurisdiction and therefore the original sentence should not be brought into sentencing. This is the same rhetoric used by the SFA in deeming him “Fit and Proper” as his indiscretions were not in Scotland. In this age of terrorism we are seeing International law upheld as never before. You kill in another country you face consequences at home. Why not in business too?

This man goes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, makes money, pays no tax, takes the loans of others, votes on paying them back and uses the media as a vehicle for his agenda. That agenda, if you believe the people is to get Rangers* back to their glorious best. If you think clearly it is to re make the 20 million pounds he lost and wash some more while he is at it. The one constant is that he says it will take 30 million quid to get Rangers* “back” to the top.

This man and the sycophantic hordes that swept him to power by crippling the business that was born Sevco Scotland in 2012 are poison for Fitba. By forcing the inept leeches out only to replace them with himself is one of the great anti revolutions in sport. The Peepul overthrew a corrupt board to put King in power. They got control of their stadium and crest to mortgage it to Ashley cos Wonga didn’t want it.

In truth they ushered in an old era by overthrowing the new. If guilty, justice must be served, King must be caged. Lets hope when he gets out and goes home the Old Bill is waiting for him at Joburg airport as well. Should have him out in time to see Celtic win the treble.

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