I will never buy the DR ever again, but i do laugh at their online stupidity from time to time. With Christmas cheer taking hold, the Daily Warburton, as it has become, has yet again managed to put Barcelona and Madrid in a headline concerning Sevco.

Rangers boss Mark Warburton on life in the goldfish bowl: Barcelona and Madrid? Glasgow matches them for football passion

I believe it is a game similar to anagrams whereby you have to  find a way to compare Sevco to a truly great club. This “Big Club” regurgitation keeps the idea that the same old Rangers are going to win the Champions League in 5 years time with Waggy getting the winner.

But lets look at the Daily Warburton. Everyday there is another direct quote from him over which the Lamb Corp weave their magic and drop a few big club names in there while they’re at it. Alan Stubbs has been good for a sniping remark and Warbo’s replies seem to bear the hallmarks of the same regurgitation. They are queue points to oversell the omnishambles.

This Monday Hibernian FC have an opportunity to defeat the Newco and set out for the Championship crown. I suspect if this happens then the Lamb Corp will switch to a narrative of restructuring the top flight for the common good.

Keep the Newco Down!

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3 thoughts on “Daily Warburton

  1. came across this site by accident. My goodness scottish champions fretting about a team in a league below them…how obsessive ! WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN CLUB…..SCUM!


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