Do you want Lenny back?

It is late and i am livid. Ronny has shown yet again his complete lack of tactical awareness. He baulked at the idea of attacking with a man down and we were made to pay the price. I still remember 2010 when we lost to Ross County, the Mowbray season was far more painful than this.

But i digress, should we sack Ronny Deila? We said a treble or out, so do we go through with the threat? Who do we chase for a replacement? Do we take a step back in the hop of taking a step forward? or do we persevere? The Newco will be up even if it finishes 4th this year. Who do you want leading us against the Shame next year.

If you are the same as me, you want a tried and proven Gaffer. For me when you are thinking of hurting your opponent you make the move they do not want. The huns do not want to see Lenny on the sideline, all the more reason to get him there.


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