Rejects, journeymen and no namers.

Celtic have been linked with quite a few players in the last month. Have you heard of any of them? Except maybe Fletcher who it seems is on his way for a deadline day move to France or China depending on who you believe, i have no clue who the rest of the players we are tracking are and why they have anything to do with links to Celtic.


Former target Libor Kozak has been injured and seen his form dip. From the board’s perspective that is all the more reason to try and buy him again.


For months we have heard about Libor Kozak the big Czech who plies his trade with the reserve tem of the worst team in the EPL, Aston Villa. After that we have been told we are going for Wunderkid Kristofer Ajer but that there are issues between Start, his current club and Celtic. Issues equals money, we just won’t spend the boards bonuses on quality, it is either bargain basement or nothing.

Now we have been alerted to a player with poor performances and attitude, but he is cheap. You never know he could be the next Griffiths! Griff had attitude issues when he arrived and was cheap, why not Kazim Richards? I for one am sick to death of Celtic being a club that is associated with players who have potential that we can get cheap or garbage that might smell nice if we pour perfume on it.

The board should take as much blame as Ronny for our European failures and domestic embarrassments. Their lack of ambition is the reason that Celtic Park isn’t full, it has nothing to do with the lack of competition, we are barely beating the opposition we are facing in the League now. It is time that Celtic went and put some money into the club. Not merely playing Manchester City’s players into form, picking up bargains or speculating. The time to buy quality is well overdue at Paradise.



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