The World Cup Of ‘Liquidation Lies’

Pure Class!

The Clumpany

Liquidation papers

Good Afternoon.

Although the Wisdom of Guru Warbs is fascinating, it is all rather serious and The Clumpany fancies a bit of fun for a change.

Regular readers will know that The Clumpany greatly enjoys pointing out the Great Rangers ‘Liquidation Lies’ which get spewed out across social and mainstream media.

Definitively Pish
Well That’s Awkward

So I thought it might be in order, to put 32 of our favourites to the test in unarmed combat via those new-fangled Twitter polls which are all the rage at present.

Speaking of rage, for any Sevco (or Rangers) fans thinking of working themselves into a frenzy about this exercise, please remember that it is just a bit of fun and I am grateful for all your hits on my blog site! If it helps, why not do your own ‘World Cup of #Obsessed Bampots’? I fully expect to be given a…

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One thought on “The World Cup Of ‘Liquidation Lies’

  1. Gorning Vie,Ykycs its quite bright here too, just hope it stays that way. What a gorgeous card to start the day with, isn't she cute and love your papers too. Hugs Teresa xx


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