Paul Gascoigne… wow i remember when he played for the Oldco and every time i bumped into one of their fans i would here “Gazzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa! FTP 10NRO!” Every time i ever hear his name i cringe. I remember the pure fear of that day we played St. Johnstone as if it were yesterday. That this fool didn’t bring home the record that Henrik defended for me is as much a matter of joy as the summer of 2012 was.

Paul Gascoigne is a self confessed wife beater, drug addict and alcoholic. He has had hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on his recovery. There have been appeals to get him on the straight and narrow and as the deluded are renowned, they cough up their dole money for him.

The Shame love Gazza as he was firstly an incredible footballer in his day, i hate to say it but he had the ball on a string from the centre of the park and some of his passing in particular was sublime. The other reason they love him is he is a scumbag just like the rest of the fans of the Oldco and the tribute act. Don’t believe me? Have a look at Gazza in pictures.

Gazza people will say was easily led astray, that’s because a pure bigot in Andy Goram was MC at his latest indiscretion of sectarian chanting. The media will continue to make excuses for this idiot. As a Celtic fan i stopped listening to them in the late 90’s.


3 thoughts on “Gazza

  1. listen to you ya bam,a bit judgemental no think get a fucking life everyone makes mistakes its just a game of football leave it at that im a celtic fan and theres no need for that shite its folk like you wee dont need representing celtic ya fuckin nappy sniffer away tae fuck


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