The fight for Scottish Cup tickets

Celtic FC have released the criteria for the Scottish Cup Semi Final in April vs Sevco. The criteria is fair on first reflection, it rewards traveling fans to Scottish Cup fixtures and then for traveling fans at Premiership matches. After all, the first tickets should go to traveling fans and season ticket holders. But there is an unwritten subtext,  how many tickets will go down the corporate black hole?

The club states that there are not enough tickets to sell to all season ticket holders and there will be a fight among book holders desperate to watch just our second game in history against the Newco. The fight for match tickets between fans is one thing, but what of the copious amount of tickets that will go to suits and not to fans.

Celtic vs any club from Ibrox is not some life event on facebook, it is not some selfie opportunity to get likes comments and shares, instead, it is the biggest day of the year and a matter of life and death for some people. The idea that people who are not even fans getting their hands on priceless match tickets makes me sick.

The counter argument of course is that the corporations put millions into the club, this is both true and a welcome fact. But it must be hoped that when the dust settles from Celtic’s win and we progress to extend our record haul of Scottish Cups, that the selfies, the likes, comments and shares are on the walls of those who have nothing but Celtic on them all the time.


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