SFA are serial cheats


Last year Alan Muir cost us what would have been only or 4th the treble, whilst he was standing behind the goal with a limited area to patrol he “missed” a stone wall penalty from the last defender. We were beating Caley 1-0 at the time. Now Craig Gordon’s red card was stone wall too, luckily for his employers, the SFA, he didn’t miss that.

This establishment darling has since been promoted to a full referee for his hard work and found himself arbitrating in the match between Celtic and Motherwell earlier today. At 1-0 with another stone wall penalty already turned down he maintained the status quo in the hope of an equaliser or infraction worthy of an immediate point to the spot.

That he was promoted to on field duties speaks volumes for the SFA, they haven’t changed a bit. They always go to men they can rely on when there is a banana skin waiting for Celtic, ‘Well away after an international break is the perfect time to utilise him. The situation was all the more desperate after the Dons dropped again and with the saga surrounding the Newco the SFA need a pick me up.

Now lets be clear, Celtic were brutal today. Nothing to scream about but got a hard fought result. It is even more commendable when you think we should have had 2 penalties which would have cracked the game wide open and allowed us to show our class. As it was it was a dog fight but the one with the right result thankfully.

Alan Muir should be investigated for this malpractice. His emails and mobile phone checked to see if there are any Hugh Dallas style bigotry or if there is indeed a greater conspiracy. This was not a mistake, it was blatant. Last year we had the opportunity to win just our 4th treble, the Oldco has 9, how many of theirs are due to these incidents going unpunished and how many of our runs have been truncated by these disgusting decisions.

Many of you will remember Stokesy being dragged down from behind vs Kilmarnock in the League Cup final in injury time by the last defender when 1 on 1 with the keeper. Or vs Hearts in the Scottish Cup semi final the hand ball then no hand ball minutes later, guess who did and didn’t get the penalty.

This is not ancient history, this is repetitive. Enough is enough. When will we request a fair go? Why does the board purse its lips whilst we scream? It is time to request UEFA to allocate referees from other associations for our games. Even if it meant they were English. Hell they may be closer geographically to the queen, but at least they are not living cognitively in the Victorian era.

We got away with it today….


4 thoughts on “SFA are serial cheats

  1. “Celtic were brutal today” what match did you watch? Yeah it was only 1-0 but Commons hit the post, should have had 2 penaltys and totally dominated from start to finish! If thats brutal I’ll take “brutal” every week.


  2. Agree wholehearted, it was criminal. To do is twice, he really has some neck. He actually made a gesture with his hand towards the penalty spot, but I guess his bias and bigoted brain clicked in and he left Motherwell away with it. He’s a bigoted cheat yet again.
    Celtic need to make a strong complaint to SFA, not expecting anything from it, however to highlight it in public view.
    It won’t be the last time we play again 12, 13 or 14, this season or next.
    Goog on you and continue to keep the bastards honest.
    Hail hail

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  3. Fair play lads, Dave we did play well enough to gub them for 3-4 hell we hit the woodwork as you said and also should have had 2 penalties. The score flattered them in the end, fair comment. @Tommy, mate you are spot on. It is basically why I wrote the post. Why isn’t this an issue with the governing body? Because we don’t complain. Time to open up methinks. Hope you like the blog lads I am new at it so by all means tell me what you think. HH


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